Why Our Flexy® Cords?



Revolutionize the way you power your projects with Flexy®, the all new Tangle Free Extension Cord
Save Time, Space & Money with Flexy®!

Flexy® extension cords store smaller and stretches farther!
(1 to 30 times versus others coiled cords of just 1 to 5 times!)


Why You Need Flexy® Coiled Extension Cords:

  • Saves you time! No more untangling, winding, and unwinding cords. Time is money! How much time are other cords costing you?
  • Safer! No more danger of tangled cords or when using hedgers and saws. Great for kitchen, bathroom, garage & outdoors.
  • Saves space! Neatly stores in drawers, tool box, & kitchen cups. No more messy tangled cords.
  • Soft coil pull! Will not pull out of socket when extended to great lengths.
  • Proudly Made in the USA! Get high quality while supporting jobs for Americans.
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Limited Quantities Are Available and is Moving Fast - - Order Now!

Flexy® Extension Cord is the perfect and UNIQUE gift; not available or found anywhere else. Perfect Holiday Gift idea for the person or family on your list that has everything. A great gift for the Handyman, for the Photographer in your family, or for extension cord management. Flexy® is an ideal gift for the “hard to find the right gift” person.

Super Savings Now as the Shopping season begins. Get your shopping done early, purchase Flexy, time saving, multi- usage, tangle free extension cord! Now from $25.80 on up.

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