Electrical Coiled Cables Anatomy

Heavy-Duty Trucking Electrical Coiled Cable Anatomy


  • Xenoy Plugs - INDESTRUCTIBLE electrical coiled cables for trucks (sometimes called pigtails or pig tail lines) are much more durable and reliable than metal, nylon and plastic.
  • Corrosion Proof - Metal plugs corrode with bad weather and can freeze to socket. Xenoy truck/trailer plugs are guaranteed not to corrode or freeze to socket.
  • Temperature Range - Will hold up from -70° to +400°F.
  • Light Weight - The combination of truck vibrations, the heavy weight of metal plugs and metal to metal contact causes fast wear and tear to both sockets and plugs. The Xenoy trucking plug is light and has a dampening effect that gives prolonged service, saving both plugs and sockets! Heavy metal plugs can drag on the ground causing damage. Lighter weight Xenoy plugs do not drag.
  • Tight Fitting - Other plugs have round contacts which lose contact after prolonged usage. "D" contacts have been tested for over 1,000,000 couplings without losing contact. This eliminates the problem of blinking lights.
  • Plated - brass contacts are tin plated to protect against corrosion. Many metal and nylon plug contacts are not plated. Take a closer look at what you are using! If you can see yellow in your truck's coiled electrical cords, the contact is not plated.
  • Weather Barrier - Many metal and nylon plug contacts do not have weather barriers. Take a closer look inside the holes of the truck's electrical plug that you are now using. You may see bare copper wire. This exposed copper wire can corrode easily in bad weather. "D" contacts protect wire against corrosion with a weather barrier. You will not see exposed wire in "D" contacts.
  • Weather and Abuse Resistant - Resists chemicals, cutting, abrasion, gasoline, ozone, water, SOLVENTS and sunlight.
  • Working Length - Superior design and cable construction allow STALLION coiled power cables to use a minimum length of cable to provide the working length you require. Less cable length means less voltage drop.
  • Bottom Line - More Profits - More Reliability - Less frequent replacement of your truck-to-trailer coil cords - Less down equipment - Less plug & socket wear and tear.