Flexy Extension Cords

Flexy Extension Cords

  • Connect up to three devices at the same time. Compact Desing

    Traveler's Flexy Cord

    Compact triple outlet charging cord. Stretches from 4 inches to 8 feet.  Simultaneusly charges 3 mobile devices. 18 3-Prong 10 Amps 1250 Watts.
  • Triple Outlet Power Cord


    Triple Outlet Power Cord

    Flexy® Coiled Triple Outlet Compact Power Cord.  16/3 Medium Power 13 Amps 125 Volts 1625 Watts - Stretches from 5 inches to 10 Feet! Safer - Safely stays out of the way while using cutting or winding tools and appliances. Saves Time - No More...